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Cell Phone Video Production Course

Gain The Edge  With Your Phone or Mobile Device

REI  provides a comprehensive videography course held at our studios in Islandia, New York. We'll teach you what you need to know including all the newest techniques for producing outstanding videos using just a cell phone or mobile device! The 10-week course will further give you extensive experience with Adobe Premiere Pro video editing software so you can do everything from shooting, editing to final production !

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Learning how to entertain in our increasingly digital world doesn't have to be complicated. It's fun....and it's easy! You'll discover all you need to learn how to make outstanding video productions.

Our Course
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The world is getting more mobile and our syllabus is designed around these modern needs. Learn about the many techniques you'll be taught by our course today.


Learn how to make amazing videos with the phone in your pocket today.

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About Us

Our course is done in-studio and at local Production Facilities.  Graduating students will receive certification from the New York State Department of Education. Our founder and director, James Bernard, has been in the education business for over 50 years, and will do all he can to impart those many years of experience to our students.

The program developer Jon Christopherson is an award-winning producer with an array of film credits. We highly recommend that prospective students check out Jon's productions on his web site that really showcases some of the skills you'll be learning.


Thank you for your interest. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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Islandia, NY, and the Surrounding Areas

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